Snowdonia ‘Surfpark’… More waves!

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Aug 21, 2013 surfcampaustralia (0)


As soon as our pulses started cooling at news of the surfpark in Bristol (YEWWWWWW!!), SNOWDONIA comes to the tee and offers us some more waves, STOKED!

So here it is, the low-down. Will it go ahead? Won’t it? Let’s hope so!

Snowdonia Surf Park to Open within 18 Months


The Surf Snowdonia project in northwest Wales’ Conwy Valley could be pumping out waves by as early as summer 2014. The project plan was unanimously passed recently by the Conwy County Borough Council, with numerous members of the planning committee calling it both “brilliant” and “wonderful”.

The group responsible for the park plans, Conwy Adventure Leisure, has been working on ideas to transform the old rundown aluminum factory, which closed in 2007, for some time now.

Steve Davies, managing director of CAL, has said, “We’ve worked very hard in the past eight months to get where we are right now. Companies have been amazed at the speed of our plan getting permission. That is the product of a number of things we’ve done.


From the outset we have had utterly amazing support at all levels of local government. But critically I think the people of Dolgarrog and the local area have got behind us for support and have seen the potential behind this undertaking. We believe this can be a major boost to the job and economic market and will benefit local businesses.”

For more information regarding the facility click here!


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