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be positive

Start with an Open Mind & Optimistic Attitude

It is very important to go into your first lesson ready to learn and thinking positively. If you have a negative mindset or too many doubts in your head about not being able to learn, you have already dug yourself into a hole. Going in with an open mind and being ready to give it all you’ve got will allow you to get the most out of the lesson and you’ll be popping up on that board in no time.

Let Everything Else Go

One of the most beautiful things about surfing is that it forces you to live in the moment, allowing all expectations and worries to fade away.  You can’t expect to immediately be a pro or never fall into the water; making mistakes is a key part of the learning process!  Allow yourself to wipe away all your frustrations, disappointments and complaints from your mind and focus on enjoying the moment.  After all, the best surfer is the one having the most fun.  As your stress fades away and you begin to feel more comfortable, you’ll soon be riding the waves with an enormous and permanent smile on your face!  

2.2Being Psychically Fit: Interval Training

While surfing is an absolute blast, it is also a very physically demanding sport. To be in “surfing shape”, this requires a wide range of physical qualities in order to paddle-out, catch a wave, balance on a surfboard and make some big turns and aerial moves.  Surfing is composed of short rushes of cardio and adrenaline, so being able to run a marathon is not necessarily going to help you in this case.  Rather, you want to be able to do intense workouts in short spurts of time, cool down for about 30-60 seconds, and then do it all over again.  Quality surf training will help you avoid injuries while performing better in the water, catching more waves and enjoying a fun surf session.    

Practice your Pop-Up Technique

Standing up on your board is one of the first steps to surfing and it is something that is easy to practice on your own without an instructor, waves, or even a board! Check out our videos of the Stand Up Technique so you can practice on your bed, couch or any other space you can find in your house. Not only does practicing this prepare you more for your lesson, but you can also turn it into an interval workout, yeeeeewww!  Mastering, or beginning to master the pop-up technique will give you a leg up on others trying to learn how to surf as well.   [caption id="attachment_4142" align="aligncenter" width="300"]rip currents image courtesy of:[/caption]

Be familiar with rip currents

A rip current, commonly referred to as simply a rip or "rip tide", is a powerful, fast-moving channel of water that moves directly away from the shore and cuts through the lines of breaking waves.  Rip currents are capable of carrying even the strongest swimmer away from the shore.  Some of the more recognizable characteristics of a rip current include a line of seaweed or debris that is flowing steadily out to sea, a choppy channel of water, or a disrupted pattern of incoming waves. It is important that you know how to recognize a rip current and that you know how to escape one if needed. If you get caught in the current, your first instinct will be to swim against the current and back to the shallow water. This is not going to work for you. The ocean is much stronger than an individual, no matter how well of a swimmer you may be. Instead of swimming against the current, you have two options: swim parallel to the shore or follow the current out. First try to swim sideways, or parallel to the beach, and then you should be able escape and ride the waves back to shore. If you cannot swim parallel, your next option is to ride the current out and follow it to more calm waters. No matter what option you take, it is very important to remain calm. You do not want to waste energy by thrashing around and panicking. So before you go out and have the time of your life, get to know rip current safety!

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Since the announcement of surfing’s potential inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the question has been asked and answered with starkly opposing viewpoints from surfers and enthusiasts all over the world:  

Should surfing be included in the Olympics?

  The question is still being widely debated—largely amongst those who will ultimately have no say in the matter—as we await the final decision of the International Olympics Committee. The idea of including surfing in the Olympics inevitably has its pros and cons for fans of the sport, but the undeniably positive advancement being made, regardless of the Committee's decision, is in the technology needed to make surfing’s inclusion a reality: Wave pools. (more…)

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"Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch. Learn to read the ocean better. A big part of my success has been wave knowledge." -Kelly Slater

“Reading the ocean” is something that can take time to learn, but basic knowledge about waves and what factors are involved in shaping them can help you find the right times and places to surf while you’re still learning. Conditions that affect the shape and breaking point of a wave include: (more…)

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Surf travel has become more and more popular since the migration of the first American surfers to Hawaii and the release of the surf documentary Endless Summer. Surf travel has become more and more popular since the migration of the first American surfers to Hawaii and the release of the surf documentary Endless Summer. We have come full circles since that day and are beginning to see some pretty amazing surf destinations and accommodations. We’re not just talking about good waves; we’re talking about style. puertohigh 10. Puerto Escondido, Mexico: More commonly known as the “Mexican Pipeline,” this world-class break is home of some of the biggest and best waves that mainland Mexico has to offer. Besides having perfect waves it also has an incredible climate with warm clear water and hot sunny days pretty much year round. This part of Mexico includes amazing 5 star resorts including the Camino Real Zaashila; which is an ocean front resort with great service and everything you could imagine. TurtleBay_Heli_120305_012 9. Turtle Bay, Hawaii: Turtle Bay is unique in the sense that it is the only hotel resort located on the North Shore of Hawaii. This Ocean front hotel is surrounded by the best waves that Oahu has to offer and is literally minutes away from world-class breaks such as Pipeline, Sunset Beach and V-Land. This beautiful resort is equipped with it’s own full golf course with ocean view holes and is the only resort that will give you the country feel that Hawaii’s North Shore is known for. ChildsJ-rizal1 8. Bali, Indonesia: Indonesia is home of some of the best breaks in the world. In recent years tourism has reached an all time high and as a result there are plenty of luxury surf vacation spots to visit including the Blue Point Villas overlooking the break Uluwatu. These ocean front villas overlook the ocean and are equipped with everything you could possibly need while on visiting this beautiful island. 4 7. Bilbao, Spain: Located in the northern region of Spain; Bilbao is home of Europes longest left known to the surfing world as Mundaka. Mundaka is home to the Billabong Pro and is one of the greatest waves in all of Europe. Located in the region is the 5 star hotel called the Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao. Here you will enjoy great waves, rooms and an amazing culture.   naufragados 6. Florianópolis, Brazil: In this beautiful region of brazil you will find one of the top 101 hotels in the world, Ponta dos Ganchos. This luxury beach hotel is nestled in a quiet little cove of it’s own and where it’s not uncommon for guests to arrive in private helicopters. Here you will also find some nice surfing beaches including Joaquina and Mole beach. pretty-byron-bay-view 5. Byron Bay, Australia: Although Australia is full of beautiful beaches and surf breaks there is only one that you can call the best longboard break in Australia and that is exactly what Byron Bay claims to be. Here you will find some of the cleanest and longest waves that will satisfy and longboarders dream. Located on the point of this bay, just steps from the beach, is the beautiful Rae’s at Watego. This high-class resort is has been deemed one of the world’s top 25 hotels and with good reason. as_surf_moorea_2048 4.  Moorea, Tahiti : Not only is Tahiti home of some of the greatest and most beautiful beaches in the world, it also houses some absolutely amazing surf breaks. On the island of Moorea there are several breaks worth spending you time at including Temae and Haapiti. In this secluded region you will also find the St. Regis Resort where you will not only enjoy unforgettable views, but top of the line accommodations and services. fun-wave-burgerworld-mentawai-islands 3. Mentawai Islands: Among these beautiful islands in the Indonesian island chain is the Kandui Resort. Kandui is the perfect luxury surf vaction due to it’s one of a kind location on the Mentawai Islands. Here you will find some of the best surf Indonesia has to offer including Kandui Left, Thunders and Rifles as well as many other breaks. Enjoy the beauty of both the island and the resort while surfing the best waves of you life. 2215646-2091135-thumbnail 2. Sumba Island: Is another island in Indonesia just east of Bali. Sumba is full of tropical rainforest, rice terraces, beautiful beaches and the world’s best hotel in 2005, the Nihiwatu Resort. This resort is ideal in for a luxury surf trip because it’s one of the only one’s that provides a unique hideaway away from civilization and the only one that limits the number of surfing guests to 9 at a time. This means that you and 8 of your closest friends can have the surf to yourselves the whole time you’re on vacation. Now that’s luxury. screen_shot_2012-03-22_at_2.40.51_pm_0 1. Indies Trader IV: This is unlike any other surf trip around considering the fact that this 5 star resort has the ability to move you, your room and all you brought with you through the islands of Indonesia. This large vessel is the newest and largest of three other ships that do custom surf trips through Indo. The trip includes 12 days and 13 nights and 5 star services during your entire stay. They have a handful of activities for their guests including surfing, jet skiing, diving, fishing and they even have the option of bringing a helicopter aboard to see explore everything by land, sea and air. The Indies Trader IV really does have it all.   For more info on where to go and stay, check out our friends at

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Surfing the Web In today’s massive Internet ocean, it can be easy to drown in the overwhelming possibilities…With so much information at our fingertips, we can be easily misled, and just like surfing in the actual ocean, we need to be selective in which waves to catch. If you are a serious surfer on the search for the best conditions, then the times are over of just showing up to the beach with your fingers crossed. . To score the best waves now-a-days, it’s important to have a few reliable resources with professionals behind the scenes mapping, analysing, and accurately forecasting each unique swell event. They’ll help you know when to go, where to go, and which days to call in “sick” from work     What are the waves doing now? Surfline Surfline started 30 years ago as a call-in surf report throughout Southern California. Since then, they have expanded worldwide with host of LIVE SURF CAMS to virtually transport yourself to the best surf beaches in the world. LOLA-300x147 Surfline also has an experienced team of meteorologists and oceanographers constantly monitoring the global wave/storm activity. Impressively, they can accurately (mas o menos) predict swell events up to 2 weeks in advance to help you plan that last minute trip!   Surfline-1-295x211 They’ve pretty much got it all. From the forecasts and webcams to current events and swell stories. Check out contest results, the latest in surfing web clips, or their very own surfing travel guide. Coastal Watch Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.37.48 amUsing their camera network and working with some of the country’s pre-eminent coastal scientists our monitoring arm, CoastalCOMS, provides vital real-time data on beach erosion, risk and surf quality for councils and governments, lifeguards and rescue services.   What are the waves doing tomorrow? Magic Seaweed 21bb2780-cc24-4c01-8303-1b21c237ce6a-211x211   This is another great forecasting site. They give each day a 1-5 star rating based on their observations making it easier for the rest of us. Plus, I always liked the name :)Always remember, when forecasting waves, it’s smart to check an array of sources swellinfo_new_logo-300x84 This is a personal favorite of mine. Besides having incredible forecasting maps, Swellinfo breaks down the surf into the the must-know variables. Swell period, swell angle, wave size, and daily tides are all key characteristics that change with every swell and will 100% impact the quality of your session. Check it out yourself   And if I just want to Surf the Internet? Since 1959 Surfermag is been a core surf publication for over 50 years bringing surfers iconic images and stories since their first issue in 1959. Although they still publish a monthly hard-copy, their web based platform provides professional content on a day-to-day basis.

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