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Surf Lock

The box locks up tight with a combination you set yourself. This won’t work with those convenience keys that operate near the car, but it’s great if you have an ordinary electronic fob you can’t get wet. Order it online for only $59.95.


Rip Curl Hooded Towel

It’s basically two thick towels sewn together but with reinforced openings for your arms and head, plus a small pocket. There’s plenty of room to change underneath, with no more worries about flashing the parking lot. Pick it local rip curl store for only $49.99


Rail Grabber

Perfect for longboard riders. Everyone knows how awkward it is to carry a huge longboard from the beach (aka surf camp). Well this is your solution. Order it online for only $23.95



Rip Curl Wetsuit Change Mat 

This mat allows you to change in and out of your wet gear on the durable polyester mat. Then use the drawstring system and convert into a wet bag.  Pick it local rip curl store for only $29. 



HangAir Drying for Wetsuits

This is more than your typical hanger it uses a high-power waterproof fan to completely dry and ventilate suits of all kinds rapidly. Order it online only $79.95.



"Piss Off" Wetsuit Cleaner 

Piss off is the perfect option to safely clean your neoprene gear, keeping it fresh and clean. Get it at local rip curl store for only $16. 

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1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. This is a scary fact that effect millions of people. There are even charity events like Surf Giving that help people become aware of severity of this type of cancer.


Making sure that you have the sunscreen on is just one part of protecting yourself from skin cancer. Not all sunscreen is created equal, especially for surfers. Sweat proof, waterproof, SPF level, and hours of protection are all key factors that effect your likelihood of getting burt. So then the dilemma becomes come in from a great surf session to reapply your sunscreen, or stay out there and suffer the pain of sunburn later? It’s not necessarily a bad dilemma to face considering you are surfing, nevertheless it’s frustrating, so finding a great sunscreen that does what it’s supposed to is like gold. It can make the difference between a good and a great surf trip – after all no-one wants to miss a great surf day because they’re too sunburnt from the day before. So after years of research, and various ridiculous sunburn marks, we have tested most sunscreens and come up with the best sunscreens for surfers. Next time instead of coming in from the best surf session to reapply pick up one of these sunscreens.    

Best All Around


Surf Mud

All Natural Product

30% zinc oxide

UVA and UVB protection

All-day cover

Natural skin colour

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Price $19.95

Where to buy: Online 

Best Full Day Protection


Riemann P20

Clear on Skin (not on clothes)

10 hours reliable sun protection even in water

UVA and UVB protection

no added fragrance, colourants, parabens or preservatives

Price $27.64

Where to buy: Online Wiggle

Best Quick and Easy Buy


Blue Lizard Australian


Zinc Oxide

UVA/UVB Protection

Not Greasy

Good for fair and sensitive skin

Price 21.19

Where to buy: Drugstores

Best for Sensitive Skin


Kiehl Activated Sun Protector  

Dermatologist recommended

UVA/UVB Protection

Not Greasy

Price: $44.90

Where to buy: Online

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The Wave: Bristol Confirms Location for New Surf Park

The below article sourced from uk surfers  

After months of deliberation, The Wave: Bristol has announced the location for its new $9.7 million 

Surf Park facility. The new project site will be housed at Washingpool Farm in Easter Compton, Almondsbury

and could be fully functional as early as Summer 2014.

According to the owners, the previous location, a 13 acre plot of land along the Portway near Sea Mills, was too small

and faced backlash from environmentalists looking to protect Avon Gorge.

While the new location adds an additional $1.9 million to the project cost, owners Nick Hounsfield and Tobin Coles,

are confident in the choice for the new location.Washington farm released that the "surfing lake" will measure  300

metres long by 150 metres wide, and is capable of creating perfect waves up to 1.6 metres high with 20 second rides

using the latest Wavegarden technology.

The Wave: Bristol announced that they would charge $8 entrance fee plus $24 for an hour to surf in

the park. They project that the Surf Park can accommodate two surfers on the reef and 30 in the learning bay at any

given time.

Based on initial statements, environmentalism and sustainability exist at the heart of the project. To help with the

planning, The Wave: Bristol has hired Chris Hines MBE, founder of Surfers Against Sewage and the director of

sustainability at the Eden Project. Owner Hounsfield says,"We want people to have the feeling of leaving

technology behind and going into nature – that fits with our ethos...The rest of the land will be landscaped

sensitively, with a sense of both gardens and an arboretum."

As the project continues to move forward, the next steps are to engage the local residents in South Gloucestershire.

Owner, Tobin Coles says, "We have sent a letter to residents and are talking to local elected representatives to explain

our proposals. We will be contacting them in the coming weeks about how they can get involved and have their say."

Stay tuned for me updates.

Watch ITV's interview with The Wave:Bristol

For more information check out the Bristol Post's article.


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Jun 11, 2013 guy (0)

The perfect wave… in a Basque mountain valley

facility_00facility_06 Wavegarden, industry leader in the design and manufacture of wave generation systems, has built a full-sized demo center in Northern Spain. This first of its kind facility will be used strictly for fine-tuning, testing and as a showroom and is not open to the public. Located at Wavegarden's research and development site, the new surfing lagoon generates perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 220 m without losing power or shape. It is the longest artificial surfing wave in existence, and the wave quality, shape, and speed, are suitable for the highest levels of performance surfing.
Every minute two identical waves break simultaneously left and right with barreling point break type rides up to 20 seconds long. Once the waves reach the bay area, the left and right hand waves transform into smooth rolling whitewater waves; perfect for children, longboarding and surf lessons. The technology is designed to generate 120 waves per hour with an average power of 270 kW and has proven capable of making waves of any size and length, depending on the size of the lagoon. description_01description_02   Wavegarden is the world’s longest man-made wave that creates ideal conditions for surfing, as well as a broadly appealing range of other wave sports such as body boarding, kayaking, and stand up paddling. Early testing and professional feedback show Wavegarden to be the closest thing to an ocean break. Perfect waves of all sizes (standard size between 1,2-1,9 m), lengths (standard length around 18 second surfing ride duration), shapes and speeds are consistently generated in a safe, natural environment using much less energy than any other wave generator in history.description_03 description_04 description_05 description_06 Wavegarden is a safe surfing environment perfect for people of all ages, fitness levels, and skills and is ideal for introducing the sport of surfing to those who do not have access to waves. It is also a great place for the less adventurous to simply play in the smaller swells close to shore. Wavegarden can be installed in both new and existing lagoons, preserving the natural look and feel of the area. All of the technology used to generate our waves is hidden, either underground or underwater. facility_01 facility_05   Watch the video:  

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