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Learn to Surf

Last week, Seven Mile Beach played host to a complimentary surf camp providing indigenous youths with a learn to surf experience. Coordinated by Surf Camp Australia and Surfing NSW, the camp was led by two accomplished surfing instructors, Sam and Mitch Douglass who grew up in Currarong, NSW and are both of Aboriginal descent. Throughout their experience at surf camp, the kids learnt how to surf whilst also being educated about beach safety, surf conditions and environmental awareness, all while camping near the beach and eating at our purpose built surf camp! We understand that most of these kids have never had the opportunity to surf or even swim in the ocean before, therefore this experience gave them a valuable insight into the benefits that surfing and ocean awareness bring. For this reason Surf Camp Australia provided the whole experience at no charge to the participants. Check out the video here or check out the photos below!   The experience coincides with the Indigenous Surfing Program (ISP), hosted by Surfing NSW for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders. The Surfing NSW ‘ISP’ aims to attract large numbers of young indigenous communities to the beaches throughout the state. The program promotes health, enjoyment and wellbeing through ocean safety awareness, bringing positive education to remote and local indigenous communities. DSC_5326DSC_5542DSC_6482DSC_5418DSC_5570DSC_7047

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scubarparty12.4 All of us at Surf Camp Australia would like to thank you for your excellent work and support this season. To show our appreciation we invite you to join us on Friday, for a few drinks down at the Scu Bar. It has been another great season and we truly could not have done it without you!  

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