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The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch is like no other in the lineup. It is the best technology we have seen come out surf watches. Sync your data to the Rip Curl Search App or Website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing and graphic charts which showcase your session. A1111_BLACK_1 Features including:
  • Top Speed and distance records
  • Wave count
  • Track every wave with assisted GPS
  • 10 hours GPS surf time
  • Sync your surf to the cloud
  • One touch auto-set with 1,360 tide locations
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  • Cost: $389.


The Raglan Tidemaster Titanium features Rip Curl's famous Automatic Tide System. The solid titanium construction means maximum durability at a very light weight. Meticulous dial detail displays tide height and direction, moon phase, date, and seconds. The rugged custom screw down crown ensures 200M water resistance. 711A-HabFrL._UX342_
Features including:
  • Heat Bezel-A countdown timer on an analog watch.
  • Keeps track of time for anything from surf heats to the remaining time on a parking meter.
  • 200M water resistance.
  • Spring and Neap, Moonphase
  • Learn more…
  • Cost: $475.


The new K55 - Tidemaster is the latest edition to Rip Curl's product line of tide watches and has all the necessary functionality as the original analog tide watch but re-designed with a stealthy fresh look to keep you low-profile when you're on The Search for the perfect wave. It features a high grade 316L marine grade stainless steel case to resist any rust or corrosion when exposed to a marine environment, scratch resistant mineral crystal lens. A1091_0090_1_zoom Features including:
  • 9 jeweled internal movement for precision accuracy
  • ATS tide function
  • spring/neap moon phase function
  • Water resistant up to 200 meters
  • 5 year warranty
  • Learn more…
  • Cost: $250.


Our best selling tide watch the Trestles now comes as a signature team rider edition called the Trestles Pro. The (Mick Fanning) Trestles Pro uses our World Tide technology and is packed with local knowledge for over 500 waves around the planet and each spot is pre-loaded with best tide, wind direction and swell size information to help you score the best surf. It has an , and comes with a silicone wrapped 44mm case and silicone strap for our most comfortable fit yet. A1100_0090_1_zoom
Features including:
  • internal digital compass
  • sunrise & sunset times
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • 5 year warranty
  • Learn more…
  • Cost: $250.


"Lowdown II" by Nixon is stronger, smarter and more comfortable than ever before. Pre-programmed with tide info for over 270 beaches worldwide, countdown timer, day and date, wave counter, chronograph and light. A289-1781-NIXON-1 Features including:
  • Countdown timer
  • wave counter
  • Pre-programmed with tide info for over 270 beaches worldwide
  • 2 year warranty
  • Learn more…
  • Cost: $179.


Time your surf sessions right and you don't even have to think. Dissolve your brain in saltwater. With the rhythm of the tide displayed in high-resolution detail, the Supertide syncs you up with the motion of the ocean so you know exactly when to go. Whether you're sitting in the line up at your local break or frothing in your car, stuck in traffic, one exit from the beach, you'll know what you need to know. Features including:
  • High-resolution detail
  • Custom Digital Module 
  • Pre-programmed with tide info for over 230 beaches worldwide
  • Water Resistant 100m
  • Learn more…
  • Cost: $249.


The "Brig Tide & Train" is Vestal's surf watch including a digital tide graph that features current tide height and tracks the tide at over 200 beaches worldwide, for the next 20 years. It's worth the $155. The "ED01 - T NATO" by Electric is a simple surf watch with tide prediction, moon phase, calendar, alarm, countdown/heat time, chronograph with 30 lap recall, and light functions. It can be yours for $90. The "Mariner Tide" is presented by Freestyle. It includes sunrise and sunset times to compliment its 150 beaches of pre-programmed tide data. The brand calls it "the perfect surf watch" and can be yours for $84.   

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Grading Criteria Surf-likeness - How close the trainer is to emulating the feel of surfing Multipurpose - The ability to use the trainer for other workout purposes Capabilities - Amount of trickability the trainer has Addictiveness - Our personal review of how much we like it   Indo Rocker Board indo-demo Price: $134.95 Best For: General balance training Available At:  The best aspect to the Indo Rocker Board is that it is a lot of fun.  It can even be ridden parallel with the roller if done so very carefully.  The motion on the Indo Rocker Board isn't exactly like surfing.  The fulcrum point offered by the roller isn't a move used too often by the average surfer while on a wave.  It is much closer to advanced lip hits and various aerial techniques.  For most surfers, the benefit will come from overall strength development.  The ability to make steady movements while remaining in control comes in handy in many of the situations surfing presents us with.   Surf-likeness -  ♥♥ Multipurpose - ♥♥♥ Capabilities - ♥♥♥ Addictiveness-♥♥♥♥   Resistance Bands Price: $34.00 Best For: Strengthening your surfing techniques Available At: maxresdefault Paddling against resistance using a resistance band is another great way to improve your upper body endurance. Try and use a fairly light resistance and if you have a swiss ball that will make a great surfboard alternative to lie on. The great thing about band paddling is that you can do it at home without getting wet, so there are no excuses! Surf-likeness -  ♥♥ Multipurpose - ♥♥♥♥ Capabilities - Addictiveness-♥♥♥   SmoothStar Skateboards surf-skate-intermediate-level Price: $320.00 Best For: Practicing new ticks and cutbacks Available At: Well we think we have stumbled on to the next best thing to riding waves!! It comes in the form of a skateboard that is purely designed for a “cross training” tool for surfers to tune up their skills out of the water…. but better yet they are stacks of fun in their own right. We have just taken delivery of the new Smoothstar “Cruiser” model and its super impressive!! Surf-likeness -  ♥♥♥♥♥ Multipurpose - ♥♥♥♥ Capabilities♥♥♥ Addictiveness-♥♥♥♥♥     TRX   CoachToddCostaRica Price: $195.00 Best For: Strengthening your surfing techniques Available At: Suspension training on the TRX has heaps of benefits. It builds superior muscular balance, joint stability, mobility, and core strength helping you perform better in any sport. It also helps improve posture and prevent injuries. Because the TRX weighs less than 2 lbs, sets up in under a minute, and stores in a small bag, you can use it just about anywhere. We've used it at the beach, in the garage and even hooked it to the top of our truck to warm up before a surf session. Surf-likeness -  ♥ Multipurpose - ♥♥♥♥♥ Capabilities♥♥ Addictiveness-♥♥♥    

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People who don’t surf will often look a surfer's lifestyle and scratch their heads.   The idea of devoting one’s life to finding (and riding) that mystical perfect wave seems a bit obsessive to some. For instance, my life is spent checking swell forecasts and dreaming about splashing around in the waves like a spastic mermaid, sometimes even in the office! (don't tell the boss!) It’s no secret that our surfers march to a different beat, with salt-bleached hair, a permanent-grin from endless stoke, and a passion for sharing what they love with other people. coolposeBut the hippy/brain-dead stereotype of a surfer is wrong. In fact, I'm willing to argue that surfing actually improves one’s intelligence. And I'm not talking about library dwelling nerd intelligence. I speak of the well-rounded life wizard that stands out as a respected member of society and contributor to the benefit of all humankind! Is that ambitious? I don’t think so. I think it’s in all of us to contribute to humanity. My argument is that surfing gets people on that track much more efficiently than, say, GETTING A UNI DEGREE! (touchy subject...)   So here are a few reasons how learning to surf (at Surf Camp!) helps lead one to a better understanding of life.   time_to_surf_wall_clock-rdd57c4094b834158baeeb27735339c1e_fup1y_8byvr_3241. Surfing makes you realise time is an illusion. A surfer’s schedule is not set by calendars or days of the week. If the waves are firing, we are out in the water. If it’s flat or the wind is blowing onshore, we are doing other things. The ocean doesn't know what a Tuesday is. It doesn't care that you have to meet your mates for lunch the Sunday after next. When we follow the human-devised clock and calendar, we lose touch of that natural rhythm whilst frustration and stress will slowly find a way in. Living on natural time helps us connect with our natural instincts that, for whatever reason, present-day society has undervalued.   2. You will be happier. Sun is good. Reaaaaal good! It loads you up with vitamin D and prompts your body to produce more endorphins. Did you know that nearly 18 million Americans suffer from seasonal depression due partially to the fact that they don’t get enough sun? Not to mention, they’re pale. Obviously, there are dangers. Skin cancer and Melanoma are real diseases and more frequent amongst us outdoor dwellers, but if you cover up, chances are you’ll be happier, more tanned, and better looking than you used to be! The actual state of being “stoked” is a real thing. It has to do with ionized water particles in the air that you either inhale or ingest, therefore surfing is scientifically proven to make you happier!   3. You will be healthier. Aside from getting more tanned and blonder, your body will reap the benefits of a highly active lifestyle. Surfing is a great work out, paddling will build up your arms and torso muscles, and it is great for toning up! And when you are not surfing, you will become aware of your fitness level and it will inspire you to work out more, so it will help you catch that wave next time and not feel out of shape! We get fit to surf, whilst some just surf to stay fit.Learn to Surf Sydney   4.  You will be humbled. As individuals, our egos consistently drive our emotions and actions, leading to disagreements and animosity. In the ocean, that is not a problem. The moment you confront a building-sized wall of ocean energy crashing on your head, that self-awareness disintegrates. If you have ever been caught in a rip current you will understand the beautiful power of the ocean. Surfing has kicked my ass over and over again. Just when you think you have something down, you learn something new that is so humbling, you are forced to evaluate what you thought you knew. You are brought to reality time and time again, and any ego trip that you are on will put you in ultimate failure if you bring that attitude to the waves. On the other side of that equation, by putting in your time and forgetting about all the bad moments you will relish in moments of pure ecstasy that cannot be described in a simple blog post such as this. It’s a lifelong relationship that is not without it’s struggles. But the reward is ultimate. Make new Friends5.  You will become more patient. Perfect waves are rare and hard to find, whilst learning to surf takes a lot of time and dedication. Both take are beyond your control. A willingness to accept the things you cannot change will bleed into other elements of life. Since we cannot create waves, we have to learn to be patient and wait for the waves to come to us. It will also teach you to breath, relax and enjoy the surroundings. You will realize that 20 people are surrounding you and no one talks, every one just stare at the horizon and enjoy the moment.   6. You will make unlikely and lasting friends. Believe it or not, there are places in Gaza where Israelis and Palestinians surf together. They share waves. They laugh. They set aside millennia of blood-drawing religious differences in order to surf. At Surf Camp we have a whole host of different nationalities who enjoy each others company and share stories of their pursuit through life. I have found that people out of their comfort zone are the most open to new relationships and willing to engage with other people. Surfing is certainly not a sport where comfort is the main feeling!   What are you waiting for? Get out there!

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