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Learn to Surf News update!
Summer is here! Yewwww! Time to get our boardies and bikinis on, get rid of the wetsuit as the water is warming up! Before we know it Christmas will be upon us. Time to start buying some presents, remember those vouchers and drop in cards get you sweet sweet discounts!
For anyone who wants to practice what they have learnt at camp, I highly recommend Cronulla beach as it is a short distance away from the city and it can be quiet when everywhere else is crowded. The Rip Curl store there has soft board hire for $20 a day and demo board hire for $40 a day! If anyone wants to have a look at the boards in the city, come and see us in the Rip Curl store on Market St.


My favourite pics from Surf Camp last week:


Surfing on the Internet – The Headlines:

1. Red Bull Decades new Episode – The highest level Shortboard

This series, based on some of the world’s best surfers riding some of the most iconic boards in surfing history, has so far seen Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Ian Walsh and Jamie O’Brien riding a Greg Noll Elephant Gun, a Gerry Lopez Pipeline Gun, a Glenn Pang x Martin Potter Town and Country Twin Fin, and the Channel Islands x Kelly Slater 6’1″, shaped by Al Merrick. We now land a little more into the future, at the hands of Mr Matt Biolos, who gifts the crew a caddy of Hydro-Flex Rockets.


2. Pipeline was PUMPING!

This is the most photographed wave EVER! If you think Bondi beach gets crowded, think again! This place packs hundreds of people into one take off zone! It breaks off a beach on the North Shore of Hawaii and explodes over a shallow reef. This is definitely NOT a learn to surf wave!


3. Dan Malloy’s latest film project – Slow Is Fast

If you think renting/buying a van is too expensive to go surfing, here is your other option! Ride a Bike!! Dan Malloy acts like a hardcore backpacker and rides down the Californian coast freewheeling and surfing along the way! Check out the video for some inspiration! Someone needs to try this!


4. Down Days

Three famous surfing brothers host a travel/culture show spanning across Australia and Northern Spain so far. The first four episodes of their new series, Down Days, is everything we hoped for and more. Here, we’re treated to four episodes. The first two are in South Oz: Surf City & The Great Ocean Road, and Bowling For Melbourne. Then we land in Northern Spain: Bilbao & The Basque Coast, and San Sebastian. From lawn bowls to pintxos, the trips are brimming with rad surfing and very entertaining good times.





5. The future of surfing

Stab magazine and Carlton Dry offer the newest piece from our Fly Me to the Moon joint, a 10(ish) part documentary about what happens in the airspace above lips in 2013. This episode is all about what high performance surfing will look like five years from now.


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