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Learn to Surf News – February 17th, 2014 – Surf Camp Australia

Hey guys, hope everyone enjoyed their learn to surf experience last week! If you were in Manly over the weekend, well done! The Australian Open of Surfing went off! A couple of us coaches went to watch some of the action and got pretty involved in the live music! Julian Wilson was ripping and considering the rain, the beach was packed!
For anyone who wants to practice what they have learnt at camp, I highly recommend Cronulla beach as it is a short distance away from the city and it can be quiet when everywhere else is crowded. The Rip Curl store there has soft board hire for $20 a day and demo board hire for $40 a day! If anyone wants to have a look at the boards in the city, come and see us in the Rip Curl store on Market St. Our Surf Camp customers get huge discounts on beginner surfboard packages!


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My favourite pics from Surf Camp last week:


Surfing on the Internet – The Headlines:

1. Extreme Beginner Surfing

This is something we definitely DO NOT teach at surf camp! Although I’m sure a few of you wished we did! This involves a lot of courage and determination, something which this famous NASCAR driver definitely has.


2. Australian Open final day of surfing

What a weekend, weather was terrible but at least we got to watch some professional surfing in our own back yard! In case you didn’t watch it, here’s some of the things that happened on the final day of the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly.


3. Here is Billy Kean

Here is a textbook ‘rip clip’ where Billy Kean shows us how we all want to surf. Featured here is Sawtell waves and then Northern Indonesia.


4. Best surf clips of 2013

This one is EPIC! I’m officially going to watch this every time before I go for a surf just to get my testosterone pumping. Good music but best of all AMAZING surfing! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!


5. Stab Magazine Instagram competition (continued…)

Social media really is the gift that keeps on giving. Stab Magazine have scooped some of their very favourite clips from (mostly) last week and cut a short compilation. Watch below. And, go follow the stars of the show for frequent hits of quality like this to your Instagram feed!

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