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This weekend went off! Those learning to surf were blessed with great conditions (sunshine / good waves), Sunday being the best.  We had great waves generated by Tropical Cyclone Lusi which scattered waves all over the East Coast, check out the photos below from Sunday’s sessions.

For those Sydney folk, anyone who wants to practice what they have learnt at camp, I highly recommend Cronulla beach as it is a short distance away from the city and it can be quiet when everywhere else is crowded. The Rip Curl store there has soft board hire for $20 a day and demo board hire for $40 a day! If anyone wants to have a look at the boards in the city, come and see us in the Rip Curl store on Market St. Our Surf Camp customers get huge discounts on beginner surfboard packages!


Summer Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations to Juliana Randi, the owner of a brand new surfboard! She won our photo competition running over the Summer. The competition involved uploading a photo to Facebook ith the Surf Camp hat or t-shirt in and tagging Surf Camp Sam. The photo with the most Likes won, Juliana smashed it with 837 Likes! Check out her photo and her prize below!

julianawinphoto juliana board

My favourite pics from Surf Camp last week:


Surfing on the Internet – The Headlines:

1. Watch: “Carpark Stories”

The internet is a wonderful thing, gone are the days of illegal downloads / hanging round the video store searching for something interesting to watch. Here we have a free, streaming movie courtesy of Stab Magazine. Showcasing the delights of travelling round looking for waves, the cast score some great sessions whilst being followed by a familiar face.


2. Brazilian Yago Dora surfing Australia

I guess Brazil clearly grows professional surfers on trees! Here is another one showing us how to do aerials, and how to go large!


3. An inspirational Quadriplegic surfer – Barney Miller: A day in the life

Barney Miller was an up-and-coming Aussie surfer with a lot of potential. Miller’s path to the professionals, however, came to a standstill when he was paralyzed in a high-speed car accident in 1999. Find out how he surfs.


4. Surf Tip – When wax goes wrong

What is surf wax? Why do we use it? Traction, grip, nice smell! We don’t need wax on our soft boards as they have a grippy surface. Wax is essential on hard boards however and putting it on can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right technique! Read more if you want to avoid some common mistakes.


5. Photos from Tropical Cyclone Lusi

OK, yeah, it’s been pumping on the East Coast. The swell came from the North East, started in Queensland and went as far down as the South Coast (down past Surf Camp!). As dark fell the waves were thick, well-spaced, and incredibly long-lined. The anticipation was heavy for Sunday. Sunday provided! If anyone surfed below the Mid-North coast, they were blessed with perfection, Check out some more photos here.

Learn to Surf News – March 17th, 2014 Surf Camp Autralia

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