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Learn to Surf News – March 3rd, 2014 – Surf Camp Australia

Thank you all for coming down to camp last week, hopefully you picked up the surfing bug and hitting the waves for the rest of your time in Sydney, if not the rest of your life! 
For anyone who wants to practice what they have learnt at camp, I highly recommend Cronulla beach as it is a short distance away from the city and it can be quiet when everywhere else is crowded. The Rip Curl store there has soft board hire for $20 a day and demo board hire for $40 a day! If anyone wants to have a look at the boards in the city, come and see us in the Rip Curl store on Market St. Our Surf Camp customers get huge discounts on beginner surfboard packages!


My favourite pics from Surf Camp last week:


Surfing on the Internet – The Headlines:

1. Watch: Manly Open of Surfing Final Day

In case you didn’t watch it, here’s some of the things that happened on the final day of the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly. The Brazilian “Minhereiro” Adriano de Souza beat Australian Julian Wilson in the final. Here’s how it actually happened.


2. Tommy Hilfiger & surfing

Soooo cheesy! This is the kind of advertisement that a big corporation makes when they try and enter the surf market.



An aptly titled clip from a guy Kelly Slater once claimed to be the best unsponsored surfer in the world. Nick Rozsa, now sponsored and regularly putting out A+ clips, connects his maneuvers with so much style and flair that it’s hard not to get amped to surf watching him.


4. Best surf clips of 2013

This one is EPIC! I’m officially going to watch this every time before I go for a surf just to get my testosterone pumping. Good music but best of all AMAZING surfing! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!


5. And Finally… Penis shaped surfboard!

Paul Fisher‘s newest board model is not gonna catch on like. His phallus-shaped chunk of fibreglass, while perhaps not overly attractive, actually kinda goes. Who’d have thunk? Fish’s use of his self-produced sex-house as soundtrack kinda brings another vibe to the, uh, piece too… just in time for Sydney Mardi Gras.
“Day one on the dick? The thing goes bananas, are you kidding me?” – Paul Fisher

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