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Learn to Surf News update! The waves down at camp were up and down last week, with big storms passing through and blowing everyone around, but then creating some beautiful conditions on Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully you mid-week crew had fun! For anyone who want to practice what they have learnt at camp, I highly recommend Cronulla beach as it is a short distance away from the city and it can be quiet when everywhere else is crowded.

My favourite pics from Surf Camp last week:

Surfing on the Internet – The Headlines:


1. RIP Buttons Kaluhiokalani

A lot of people’s favourite surfer of all time sadly passed away this week. Hawaiian Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani, passed away aged 54 as a result of complications with lung cancer. During the late 70s Buttons redefined modern surfing and became somewhat of a style icon in for our culture with a flair that’s as cool and mindblowing today as it was when he burst on the scene all the way back then. Most of the tricks that your instructors are pulling off today have been influenced in some way by the lat style icon. We pay our respects to you Buttons.


2. Jeff Rowley

This is one of the best big wave clips we’ve seen for little while. Victorian Jeff Rowley (not English skating legend Geoff Rowley!) paddling into some legitimately terrfifying bombs. What’s great about this clip is that a lot of the paddling, and setting up has been left in. You can almost feel the moment where Jeff double takes over his shoulder and makes the decision to commit. Sensational


3. Pumping Irish Halloween

Halloween sure is a scary time of year. Even more scary when you go surf dark deep heavy Irish waters like these! Hands up who would go out there…. NOT ME!


4. Torrey Meister Wins The Cold Water Classic

Beating Australia’s Wade Carmichael to take the $50,000 sponsorship deal by O’neill, Torrey Meister surfed hard and gained himself a sponsorship! The prize was part of a new format for the Cold Water Classic competition which invited some of the World’s best unsponsored surfers (a surfer not supported by a company to surf) to participate for a chance to win a sponsorship.


5. Tilt film festival launches

Garage Entertainment (Red Bull) are putting on an action sports film festival all over the Australia featuring some of the best movies of the year. What’s that mean? It means that somewhere in your state, you can go and see Mick Fanning’s new film, Missing, on the big screen, before it has even come out. Check out the promo vid!


6. English surfing in Cornwall

One for the Brits! This is your very own Seb Smart. Hailing from Sennen on the South West coast. The video shows that there is to be some fun to be had in British waters, even though it ain’t warm! Yewww go on Pommy laddd!


7. Red Bull Decades Episode 2 OUT NOW!

Welcome back to Red Bull Decades, a Tahitian stint in which a handful of professional surfers ride some of the most iconic boards from surfing history. Last week we had the pleasure of watching the crew, and especially Jamie, pigdog side-slipping through miniature barrels on Greg ‘Da Bull’ Noll’s Elephant Gun. This week, Pipeline’s human spirit, Gerry Lopez, reshapes his red single fin Pipe Gun. Watching him sculpt and talk about the board is as good as watching the team ride it.

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