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A lot has happened last week in the Surf world, the aftermath of THAT BIG WAVE in Portugal, but small/clean waves down at Surf Camp! New wrist bands for the crew (YEWWWW GOT YOURS??) and a whole Hheap of other fun stuff! Homework time! Let your shoulders relax for a minute, take some deep breaths and some more information!

My favourite pics from Surf Camp this week:



Surfing on the Internet – The Headlines:

1. Carlos Burle Surfed Possibly Biggest Wave Ever & Rescued Maya Gabeira

A crazy swell hit a beachbreak called Nazare in Portugal during the week, and the usual big wave ‘chargers’ were out there when waves broke at sizes many are calling 80-to-100 feet. Clearly, imagine the amount of water moving at 7 mile beach when there are bigwaves, then try and imagine the  the terrifying amount of water moving around out there in Nazare! BRRRRR gives me the shivers! The peak moment being Carlos Burle’s wave, which breaks, and is gigantic…

The video below has hit 1.3 million views in less than 3 days, which is incredible. Particularly when you note that the video is hosted on vimeo and would not get the digital walk-by traffic of your typical youtube.


2. Laird Hamilton said “It doesn’t count!”

As the mainstream American face of big wave surfing and surfing in general, Laird Hamilton was called for comment by CNN following the day at Nazare and he had some pretty interesting things to say. Firstly he states that measuring wave height is subjective and flawed, as there is no way to truly measure the velocity of a wave. True. Secondly he says that Carlos Burle’s record breaking wave doesn’t count because Carlos didn’t make the wave. He will admit that perhaps Carlos wiped out on the biggest wave ever, which is probably true and far less awesome sounding. I guess the question is: at one point can one fall on a wave and call it ridden? Because Carlos rode said wave, but he also did fall.

Laird also says that Maya Gabeira – who drowned out there before being rescued by Carlos Burle, and then revived – doesn’t have the skill to surf amongst the conditions of Nazare on that day. And this may be true, but may have been less of a point of conjecture were Maya a dude (or, you know, not drowned).


3. Ken (Skindog) Collind responds to Laird Hamilton

If you haven’t guessed yet, Laird Hamilton annoyed many big wave surfers last week with his comments on CNN. Ken Collins is a big waves surfer and his response was perfect: Big wave surfing needs more moral support of itself, and less puffing-out of chests. Instead of taking away from Carlos’ wave or Maya’s presence in the lineup, how about a pat on the back?


4. Hawaii’s North Shore season began

There’s usually one day at Pipe that marks the beginning of a Hawaiian season. Tuesday (Australian time) was that day. Here is the view of it from the Volcom House.


5. Get ready for a new set of RED BULL webisodes!

The first in a set of new short films exploring the history of surfing – through the eyes and video cameras of Red Bull. The budget will therefore be huge and many boundaries will probably be washed away. This is going to be an interesting bit of viewing. FIRST EPISODE – Looking at how original boards can still be used today! Check it out and visit the Red Bull surfing page.


6. SWEET SWEET Go Pro footage from Kalani Robb

Kalani Robb is having somewhat of a resurgence in the last 12 months. The icon of Taylor Steele films in the 90s has had major features and interviews in Surfer and Stab magazines, and now looks to have picked up a little GoPro sponsorship. If that means more footage of this style legend, then bravo!


7. Gabriel Medina takes ASP World Junior Champs?!?!

Gabriel Medina (yes still only 19), has claimed the 2013 Men’s ASP World Junior Title by winning the HD World Junior Championships presented by Devassa over Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR), 20, in a high-scoring Final at Joaquina Beach in Florianopolis, Brazil. Does he not need a break from competing in the Men’s division?! Check out the highlights!

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