The questionable state of women’s surfing

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WOW women’s surfing is coming on strong! Not only are the girls showing the boys up, but they also make surfing a whole lot sexier. We at surf camp love watching a girl tear up waves, especially when they have been taught by us! Check out our favorite shots of some surf camp ladies!



One major issue that has been popping up in the last few years is the ratio of prize money between the girls and boys in international competitions. The men’s ASP tour has always attracted heavy spending by bigger brands which leads to larger prizes. The men are able to live a very lucrative lifestyle funded by prize money and sponsorship. Whereas, apart from a few ladies who are able to live off their competition and sponsorship earnings, many females on the World tour have to finance their own travel and expenses through their own savings. More often than not from jobs they have on the side.




In the article ‘Let’s hear it from the ladies’ Mimi Lamontagne (former surf camp coach) speaks to Paige Hareb and Lakey Peterson, two pro surfers who have a few words to say on the state of the ASP World Tour. A lot of speculation has arisen from the questionable selection of surf spots chosen to host the women’s competitions, with particular emphasis on the recent Roxy Pro tour stop which was cancelled due to a distinct lack of waves. Moreover, the marketing surrounding the event has caused an explosion in social media, with an uproar from fans claiming it is sexist and shows no waves or surfing considering it advertises a surfing event, check the video out here – Roxy Pro Biarritz teaser

Rip Curl athlete Owen Wright and Laura Enever recently spoke to Australian Women’s Health about their views of women’s surfing and it’s future prospects. To read the whole interview click here.


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