With a large percentage of our customers being travellers that recently arrived in Australia, Surf Camp Australia is not only about providing a learn-to-surf experience but also showing our customers the true Aussie surfer lifestyle. Which includes taking care of our beautiful 7 mile beach national park environment.

The goal is that those new surfers take the “leave nothing but footsteps behind” mantra with them on their travels and surf journey.

We acknowledge that Surf Camp Australia, like most of us, is not perfect when it comes to sustainability, but we are continuously working on improving our initiatives.

Here are a few things we already do, with plenty more to come in the future:

  • Food:
    • Locally sourced food – Freshly delivered daily


  • Transport & Carbon Footprint:
    • We now operate a combination of one Private bus & Train transport Instead of Two Buses.
    • We are minimising electricity usage


  • Reducing plastic usage and Waste:
    • Recycle wetsuits in partnership with Ripcurl
    • Reducing plastic usage by bulk buying cleaning products
    • We minimised our paper usage for marketing efforts at events
    • Donate bottles/cans to the local community (Lions Club)
    • At Surfcamp, we always encourage recycling
    • Donation of blankets to pet shelter