My Experience at Surf Camp Australia – Hunter Follen

My Experience at Surf Camp Australia – Hunter Follen

My Experience at Surf Camp Australia

When I first came to Australia, I knew I needed to learn how to surf. During my time at Surf Camp, I did just that. I visited Surf Camp the weekend of March 1st-3rd and I finally experienced the thrill that keeps surfers surfing.

Surf Camp was located at 7-Mile Beach National Park in Gerroa. Gerroa is a small town with only about 500 people living there. With there being so few people living there it gave us the opportunity to surf the beach totally to ourselves. This gave us a great opportunity to learn how to surf.

On the way to surf camp the bus ride is around two hours. Once we arrived on Friday evening, we were happily greeted by surf camp staff who were excited to meet us. Friday night we went to the beach, looked at the stars, and met some of the other people we did not know. Friday night was a laid back and relaxing night. We decided to go down to the beach and look at the stars with some new friends we met on the Bus ride. After that, we went to sleep early and got a good night’s sleep for the next day.

Saturday morning, we were the first of two groups to go out surfing. We had breakfast at 7am then we had to put our “wetties” on and get down to the beach for our first lesson of the day. We started off by learning some basic techniques that would help us get up easier. Once we got in the water our group did well standing up and riding out some good waves. The water was a little cold but with the wetsuit on we were totally fine throughout the whole lesson. Each lesson lasted 2 hours and by the second lesson on Saturday we were already getting more comfortable with our abilities

Sunday was a more laid back day of surfing. We woke up around 9 and ate a quick breakfast before going back down to the beach for our final surf lesson of the weekend. On Sunday the sun was out and it was very warm out. The waves were better than the day before and we all were excited to get back on the board. My first wave of the day was the best wave I had all weekend and at that moment I felt like I was much more comfortable with my abilities compared to Saturday. Throughout the next few hours I had a great time catching waves and laughing with friends. After the surf we had lunch and packed our things for the way home. I really enjoyed my time at Surf Camp Australia and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning to surf or anyone who wants to improve their surfing skills. 

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