SmoothStar Skateboards

SmoothStar Skateboards

Here at the HQ we are pleased to announce the inclusion of SmoothStar to our Surf Camp!

What is SmoothStar?

Well, Smoothstars are skateboards designed specifically with surfing in mind, the incorporation of a swivel on the front truck gives you the same flow and feeling of riding a wave…but…you’re on the land!

No waves? Fear not! it’s time to work on the skills you learnt down at Camp on dry land. The boards will help improve your balance and stability as well as help you to grasp the basics of building speed and creating a flowing style of surfing.



Here at Surf Camp we know that a common fault is posture. It’s great to know as a coach to know that the students now have the option to play around on one of the boards between lessons and work On their body position:  knees slightly bent, a straighter back and always looking forward!


With the inclusion of SmoothStar boards down at Camp the learning never stops!

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