The Future of Surfing

The Future of Surfing

What is the perfect wave?

Everyone has a different answer but what is consistent amongst them all is the ocean. However, that may not be the case anymore!

Legendary surfer Kelly Slater has his own answer… Surf Ranch! Surf Ranch you ask? Yes, Surf Ranch is a revolutionary wave creation system located in the farm lands of California straight out of his wildest dreams.



In an attempt to create the perfect artificial wave that is both majestic and consistent Kelly Slater has created this Surf Ranch that has been said to have the largest open-barrel artificial wave that can also be modified and shaped to the surfer’s preference. Almost everyone that has been lucky enough to give this new wave system a try has fallen in love with the ride.



Not all reactions are positive surrounding Surf Ranch as the question of the impact that this innovation can have to the sport of surfing if the popularity and accessibility of the artificial wave system increases in the near future is an important one to ask. The potential evolution of the sport towards artificial waves can be seen as destroying the essential experience and soul of surfing. An artificial wave cannot replace the openness of the ocean as well as the challenge that is searching for the perfect natural wave. Also, this change could change surfing into a pro-style sport, obliterating the causality of surfing. Surfing is meant to be enjoyed by anyone disregarding ability. The joy of learning something new with every wave and being able to get out there on your own is what we all love about surfing.



As much as surfers are skeptical about Kelly Slater’s wave pool it does potentially open up a whole new audience to surfing. The development of Surf Ranch and other innovative artificial wave pools has helped push surfing straight into the 2020 Olympics. The consistency of the man-made waves is perfect for competition and in turn is why the committee has chosen to build one for the competition in 2020. The more recognition could lead to a whole new wave of surfing fans increasing the amount of people that want to catch their own!

What are your thoughts on the future of surfing? Let us at SurfCamp know!


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