Surfboard Guide for Beginners

Surfboard Guide for Beginners

If you read our last blog you now know how to choose the best spot to surf and you can finally start to take your Sydney surfing seriously. It’s now time to weigh up your options; do I rent or buy a surfboard?

First things first. You should ask yourself, how often you plan on going surfing? This is because, after renting a board a few times, the cost starts adding up, and you start to realize that you might have bought a surfboard in the first place.

In this guide we will run through the bases of what you should look for when buying your first surfboard.

The first thing that you have to do is accept that you are a beginner and you are still learning, so it’s better to start with a biggerboard, similar to the ones you guys would have been using at Surf Camp, but with one difference, it’s time to move away from the foamie and onto a hard board.


Don’t be tricked by those professional surfers you watch who make it look easy on those tiny shortboards. Surfing is a lifelong learning, which request patient and persistence. Be smart and buy the board, which will help you to get there. Sure larger boards aren’t the coolest thing to be walking around with, but what they lack in style they make up for in stability due to the size, width and volume thus making them perfect for beginners.


Now, the length and width of the board are very important to make your surfing experience easier for you. Simply put; the wider and longer the board is the more stability you’ll have for popping up and the easier it will be to build speed aiding your paddling.

The next element to consider is thickness, the thicker the board the more buoyant it is, you are going to want a board, which easily keeps you above the water floating. There is nothing worse than buying a thin board, which results in you sinking!


Overall, depending on your size you won’t to be aiming for something between 7ft and 9ft. A similar size to what you would have been using at Surf Camp, wide nose and plenty of volume, to make for easy paddling, stability and progression.

Boards 3

Now that you have enough information to get the best surfboard for you, go buy it and get in the water!

Surf Camp Team

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